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Make Smart Choices of Pipes and Fittings

Enjoy Safe Drinking Water with Ease

All water supply pipes and fittings such as pipes, pipe fittings, taps, valves, soldering materials, etc. for the use in inside service and fire service installations in Hong Kong shall comply with the requirements of the Water Authority.

Prior approval of water fittings by the Water Authority is required before commencement of plumbing projects. The Water Authority shall issue a General Acceptance (“GA”) letter to approve water fittings that complied with a prescribed specification in accordance with the Waterworks Regulations. Plumbing products with valid “GA” are also available in the retail market.

This search directory lists out all water fittings which possess valid “GA” issued by the Water Authority. To ensure the safety of drinking water supplied to your home, you shall only choose those plumbing products in compliance with prescribed specifications in accordance with the Waterworks Regulations.