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Quality Assurance Information

The "General Acceptance Plus"("GA+") Scheme is a voluntary scheme built on the existing General Acceptance ("GA") System. The scheme encourages quality assurance in the manufacturing stage of plumbing products. All pipes and fittings under the current GA System and new application are also eligible to apply for the "GA+"Scheme. In addition to the supporting documents for the GA application, GA applicants who wish to join the voluntary "GA+"Scheme are required to submit quality assurance information of their plumbing products in the manufacturing stage. After acceptance by the WSD, the quality assurance information of the GA product will be posted on the Directory Search of the WSD website for Water Supply Pipes and Fittings with Valid General Acceptance.

Please note that our Department will consider the quality assurance information under the following categories:-

1. Valid Certificate showing compliance to a "Quality Management System" with the scope of the certificate on the plumbing product concerned, e.g. ISO9001 or equivalent.

2. Valid Certificate of a well recognized "Product Certification" scheme for the plumbing product concerned.

What does it mean?

We represent the quality assurance submission graphically by yellow star.

No Star
The “GA” applicant has not submitted any quality assurance document under the voluntary scheme
One Star
Possess relevant Quality Management System in Production
Two Stars
Possess relevant Product Certification System and Quality Management System in Production

The number of stars represents the product manufacturer’ effort in achieving quality assurance of the product in the production stage. Comparatively speaking, the requirement for Product Certificate Scheme is more stringent than that for a Quality Management System. In brief, the more stars the product possessed reveals a higher degree of assurance on product quality.